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World-Class Masterclasses Reveal Industry Secrets at Abu Dhabi Film Festival

Highlights include Berlinale Talent Campus presentation

A series of complimentary master classes delivered by leading industry experts from around the world will give Abu Dhabi Film Festival-goers cutting-edge insight into the business of getting a film on the screen.

Presented by twofour54 tadreeb, Abu Dhabi's world-class media training academy, the master classes are designed to appeal to industry professionals, new filmmakers and those interested in a career in film. The topics cover everything from story development to marketing the film. The Berlinale Talent Campus in particular will offer local young professionals an insight into their work and the chance to become part of this unique creative platform.

The festival will also hold master classes with several of the attending directors and actors, with audiences having the chance to interact with filmmakers at Q&A's held at the end of the screenings.

Festival Director Ali Al Jabri said the behind-the-scenes insights would give Festival participants an appreciation of the extraordinary effort that goes into making a film. "A successful film hides its secrets from the audience: all you see is the magic on the screen. But making a film is a creative, technological, organisational and business challenge that takes months - even years - of work by many people."

Ali Al Jabri also said the master classes offer a rare opportunity for Abu Dhabi's filmmakers to hear first-hand from global industry experts about how the business of film is evolving and the impact of technology, both from a creative and business perspective.

"Technological changes have already had a big impact on the industry and they will continue to do so. We're bringing people working at the cutting-edge of the industry to Abu Dhabi to share their knowledge with the film community here."

There are sessions daily from 12-17 October. Speakers include Christine Tröstrum and Matthijs Wouter Knol from the prestigious Berlinale Talent Campus; Frank Ash, Head of Creativity at the BBC Academy; Angus Finney, author and film industry consultant; 3D technology specialist Clyde De Souza; Ayman Abdel Basset, colour grading expert; Sound designer Michael Bloomberg; Chris Curling, President of the European Producers' Club; and producers Sebastian Aubert (France), Duncon Twells (UK) and Eugene Martin (USA).

Master classes taking place during the programme include subjects such as the role of a producer, storytelling and concept development, how to successfully blend genres, 3D production, the art of colour grading, sound and audio design for budget movies, film marketing and trailer production

Participants can get detailed information about the program in the free Festival Guide published on Sept 27th and online at There is no fee to attend the workshops but as places are limited, booking is required. Booking can be made at

This is the first year the Abu Dhabi Film Festival has been presented under the management of twofour54, as part of the plan to strategically align the Festival alongside Abu Dhabi's other media initiatives and related events, reinforcing Abu Dhabi as the creative hub for the region supporting film production.

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