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ADFF Black Pearl Awards To Be Announced At Gala Ceremony Tonight

Highlights for Day 9, October 31
Premiere of Disney 3D Animation BIG HERO 6 after Awards Ceremony
Award-Winning Films at VOX Cinemas Tomorrow

Winners of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival’s Black Pearl Awards in the three competition categories will be announced tonight. The ceremony marking the grand finale of the eighth edition of ADFF will be held at Emirates Palace at 19:00 and will be followed by the premiere of Disney animation picture BIG HERO 6, the first ever public screening of the film in 3D.  

Photographers and TV Crews who wish to cover the red carpet need to book their spot before 11.00am on the same day via 

The Black Pearl Awards will be declared in the Narrative Features, New Horizons and Documentary Competitions. Additionally, juries will announce the winners of the Child Protection Award, the Our World Competition, the Fipresci and Netpac Award, as well as the Audience Award. There will be screenings of Black Pearl winning films on November 1 at VOX cinemas. 

BIG HERO 6, the 3D movie from Walt Disney Animation Studios, which will be screened at Emirates Palace at 10:15 is an action-packed comedy and adventure film co-directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams, the team behind Frozen and Wreck-it Ralph.

The last film of the Special Programme “The Arab Diaspora” is screened today, Josef Fares’ 2000 feature JALLA! JALLA!(VOX 2, 21:30), as well as the final film in this year’s Hommage to François Truffaut, the restored 1970 film THE WILD CHILD (VOX 2, 19:30). 

There will also be repeat screenings of audience’s favourite narrative feature and documentary films today. LEVIATHAN (VOX 4, 18:00), A SECOND CHANCE (VOX 1, 18:15), MAGICAL GIRL (VOX 5, 21:00), THE SILENCE OF THE SHEPHERD (VOX 4, 15:30), RETURN TO ITHACA (VOX 2, 17:00), THE RIOT CLUB (VOX 6, 21:15), NO ONE’S CHILD (VOX 4, 21:15), MY OLD LADY(VOX 1, 21:00), EXIT (VOX 5, 18:30) will be among the feature films. PIRATES OF SALÉ (VOX 6, 16:45) and 20,000 DAYS ON EARTH (VOX 5, 16:00) are the two documentaries up for a second screening today in case you missed them earlier. 

Short Film Competition 1 and 2 will feature at VOX 3 at 14:30 and 16:30 respectively. 

Programme for November 1st

On the final day of ADFF 2014 tomorrow, on November 1st, catch the competition winners at VOX. Additionally, Beatles’ film debut and 1964 restored classic A HARD DAY’S NIGHT (Emirates Palace, 19:30) and 1964 Clint Eastwood starrer FISTFUL OF DOLLARS (Emirates Palace, 21:30) will be screened as part of the ADFF 2014 Special Programmes. 

ENTANGLED (VOX 6, 15:15), THE MAN OF ORAN (VOX 4, 15:30), THE WONDERS (VOX 1, 16:30), SIVAS (VOX 6, 21:00), NOBI (FIRES ON THE PLAIN) (VOX 4, 21:00) are some of the films up for repeat screening tomorrow. 

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