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Narrative Competition

Best Narrative Film Chicken with Plums, directed by Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud (France, Germany, Belgium)

Special Jury AwardA Separation, directed by Asghar Farhadi (Iran)

Best Director from the Arab WorldIsmaël Ferroukhi, Free Men (France, Morocco)

“For his excellent telling of an unknown and important story”

Best Producer from the Arab WorldZiad Hamzeh and Ridha Behi, Always Brando (Tunisia)

“In recognition of their determination to realize their cinematic dream against all odds”

Best ActorWoody Harrelson, Rampart (USA)

“For his riveting and complex performance as a derailed LA cop”

Best ActressJayashree Basavaraj, Lucky (South Africa)

Jury Special MentionSoufia Issami, Mouna Bahmad, Nouza Akel and Sara Betioui, actresses, On the Edge (Morocco, France, Germany, UAE)

“For their impressively authentic performances”

Narrative Competition juryNabil Maleh, Syrian filmmaker (president); Marianne Denicourt, French actress; Lucinda Englehart, British producer; Laila Eloui, Egyptian actress; George Sluizer, Dutch director

New Horizons

Best FilmStories Only Exist When Remembered, directed by Julie Murat (Brazil, Argentina, France)

“It was a unanimous decision by the jury to award this the Best Film prize. It's a film that opened a window onto a new perspective of both life and death. At once subtle but full of emotion, the story is universal and resonates days after the viewing experience.”

Special Jury AwardAlms for a Blind Horse, directed by Gurvinder Singh (India)

“For its visual style and a poetic journey indicating a new and intriguing voice to emerge from the cinematic landscape of India”

Best Director from the Arab WorldAmr Salama, Asma’a (Egypt)

“For the bold and important choice of a topic that will engage conversation about the significance of cinema in raising awareness”

Best Producer from the Arab WorldSouney Kadouh, This Narrow Place (Lebanon, USA)

“For an independent spirit and a determined effort”

Best ActorMaged El Kedwany, Asma’a (Egypt)

“A natural and restrained performance bringing to life a character with human complexity and emotional conflict”

Best Actress (split prize)Memona Mohamed, Tears of Sand (Spain)

“For skillful achievement and a graceful simplicity in creating a complex, understated and unexpected performance” shared with Sonia Guedes, Stories Exist Only When Remembered (Brazil, Argentina, France) 

“For an elegant performance played with a haunting resonance and ageless gravitas”

New Horizons Competition jury: Bahman Ghobadi, Iranian director (president); Paul Baboudjian, Lebanese filmmaker; Marwan Hamed, Egyptian director; Annemarie Jacir, Palestinian writer/director; Aimee Mullins, US athlete/model/actress aimee

Short Film Competition

Best NarrativeA Marriage, directed by Henning Rosenlund (Norway)

Best DocumentaryWritten in Ink, directed by Martin Rath (Poland)

Best AnimationLuminaris, directed by Juan Pablo Zaramella (Argentina), shared with Specky Four-Eyes, directed by Jean-Claude Rozec (France)

Best Film from the Arab WorldFarewell Exile, by Lamia Alami (Morocco)

Best ProducerArben Zharku (Kosovo) for The Wedding Tape

Best Producer from the Arab WorldYacine Bouaziz (Algeria) for Tomorrow, Algiers

Documentary Competition

Best DocumentaryPosition Among the Stars, directed by Leonard Retel Helmrich (Netherlands)

“Its distinguished cinematic language, the visualization and the way the life of a family is presented in this film takes us to their world and lets us experience the complexities of the society they lived in – with a sense of humor that turns their tragedy into happy moments.”

Special Jury AwardThe Tiniest Place, directed by Tatiana Huezo (Mexico)

“This film uses the camera as a professional, artistic means of telling a story in a different way, building a strong cinematic language that helps get to the depth of a tragic experience, yet doesn’t simply dwell in tragedy.”

Best New DirectorGemma Atwal, Marathon Boy (India, UK, USA)

“This film demonstrates a strong ability to build a scenario that manipulates the expectations of the scenes and its relation with the characters. Throughout the film the audience takes a long, deep look at an individual life, exploring it step by step, and living through all the happy and sad moments.”

Best Director from the Arab WorldSafinez Bousbia, El Gusto (France, Algeria, Ireland, UAE)

“For its accomplishments in linking the past with the present, linking the characters with the scenes, and using the screen to make a dream come true”

Best Producer from the Arab World –  Mohamed Hefzy, Tahrir 2011: The Good, the Bad and the Politician (Egypt, UAE)

“For the work and effort done to let the audience have a closer look at a historical moment that the Arab world is living currently, through three different and complete points of view”

Documentary Competition juryTahani Rached, Egyptian-Canadian writer/director (president); Anwar Jamal, Indian director; Victor Kossakovsky, Russian director; Mahmoud Al Massad, Jordanian filmmaker; Mostafa Messnaoui, Moroccan writer and film critic

Our World

Best FilmThe Last Mountain, directed by Bill Haney (USA)

“A powerful documentary that shows a community living next to a mountain as it fights to save their environment from a damaging coal company and their own government. The documentary shows both the problem and the consequences and proposes a renewable energy solution.” 

The Our World jury was made up of graduate students from Abu Dhabi’s Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (MIST)Khasiaba Al Dalel, Yu-Kuang Lin and Mohamed Asaad Taher. Dr. Amal Al Ghaferi served as advisor.


Audience Choice AwardSkeem, directed by Timothy Greene (South Africa)


Marathon Boy, directed by Gemma Atwal “For the great Indian story of a child told locally, but brilliantly integrated into the problems of Asian societies”


El Gusto, directed by Safinez Bousbia (France, Algeria, Ireland, UAE)

Black Pearl Awards for Career Excellence

Tilda Swinton (UK)
Michael Winterbottom (UK)

Black Pearl Rising Star Awards

Lily Cole (UK)  and Sarah Bolger (Ireland) for their roles in The Moth Diaries 

Emirates Film Competition

Short Narrative Competition:

First Prize – Soul, directed by Fatma Abdulla (UAE)

Second PrizeDreams of Rice, by Yasser Al Neyadi and Hana Al Shatri (UAE)

Third Prize  – Telephoni, directed by Hassan Kiyany (UAE)

Special Jury AwardRaneen, directed by Maitham Al Musawi (Oman)

Best Emirati FilmSoul, directed by Fatma Abdulla (UAE)

Best ScriptDreams of Rice, by Yasser Al Neyadi and Hana Al Shatri (UAE)

Best CinematographyWind, directed by Waleed Al Shehhi (UAE)

Short Documentary Competition:

First PrizeA Falcon Will Not Breed a Dove, by Mansour Al Dhaheri (UAE)

Second PrizePhoton, by Awadh Al Hamzani (Saudi Arabia)

Third PrizeA Night to Remember, by Fahmi Farahat (Saudi Arabia)

Special Jury AwardLetters to Palestine, by Rashid Al Marri (UAE)

Student Short Narrative Competition:

First PrizeMaher's Camera, by Mansour Al Badran (Saudi Arabia)

Second PrizeMad Camel, by Mohammed Fikree (UAE)

Third PrizeDinner #7665, by Salma Serry (UAE, Egypt)

Student Short Documentary Competition:

First Prize6 on 18, by Salma Serry (UAE, Egypt)

Second PrizeLayers, by Manal Wicki (UAE)

Third PrizeLahjatna (Our Accent), by Mariam Al Nuaimi (UAE)

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