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NNarrative Feature Competition

Chicken with Plums

Chicken with Plums

Original Title: Poulet aux prunes
Director: Marjane SatrapiVincent Paronnaud
France, Germany, Belgium | French
2011 | 91min. | Colour
Subtitles: Arabic and English
Format: DCP
Nasser Ali Khan (Mathieu Amalric) has a broken heart. His true love is long lost to him, he is stuck in a loveless marriage – and now the precious instrument that has accompanied him through decades as the world’s most renowned violinist has met a violent end. So Nasser Ali gets into bed and gives up. But that is only the beginning of this delirious fairy tale from Marjane Satrapi, creator of the acclaimed graphic novel Persepolis, who once again ingeniously combines the personal with the political. Based on another of her works, Chicken with Plumsi> is a bittersweet look at a man so fed up with let-downs he would rather die than live another day without pleasure – but the tale doubles as a careful allegory for Iran’s national history. (In fact, Iran is the name of the winsome and passionate clockmaker’s daughter who first breaks Nasser Ali’s heart.)

Once again collaborating with Vincent Paronnaud, as she did for the animated version of Persepolis, Satrapi weaves a magical-realist tapestry from the visual ingredients in her original graphic novel. The result is a splendidly refreshing approach to film style that draws at the same time on the lavishness of classic cinema. The film is propelled by poetic whimsy – complete with wry narration offered by the Angel of Death himself – but the greatest of the film’s many charms is its cast. Amalric is hilarious and poignant as the mustachioed malcontent, but the women who surround him – played by the wonderful foursome of Golshifteh Farahani, Maria de Medeiros, Chiara Mastroianni and Isabella Rossellini – add even more irresistible beauty and humour to a film already bursting with both.

– Kate Lawrie Van de Ven

Director,  Marjane Satrapi, 

Director,  Marjane Satrapi

Marjane Satrapi was born in Rasht, Iran. After witnessing the events of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, at age 14 she was sent by her parents to Vienna. She created the autobiographical graphic novel Persepolis based on her experiences and adapted it into the Academy Award-nominated animated film in 2007.

Vincent Paronnaud

Vincent Paronnaud

Vincent Paronnaud was born in La Rochelle, France. He is a comic artist and filmmaker. He co-directed Persepolis with Marjane Satrapi and directed the feature Villemolle 81 in 2009.

Cast and Crew

Marjane Satrapi, Vincent Paronnaud
Co-Production Company
Studio 37, Arte Cinema, ZDF, Lorette Production, Le Pacte
Mathieu Amalric, Edouard Baer, Maria De Medeiros, Golshifteh Farahani, Eric Caravaca, Chiara Mastroianni, Isabella Rossellini
Production Company
Celluloid Dreams
Olivier Bernet
Christoph Fisser, Charlie Woebcken, Torsten Poeck, Adrian Politowski, Gilles Waterkeyn, Frédérique Dumas, Jean Labadie, Michel Reilhac, Meinolf Zurhorst, Arnaud Bertrand, Christophe Bichot, Mathieu Amalric
Foreign Right Sales
Celluloid Dreams
Executive Producer
Hengameh Panahi
Marjane Satrapi, Vincent Paronnaud, based on the graphic novel by Satrapi
Stephane Roche
Christophe Beaucarne
Art Director
Udo Kramer
Gilles Laurent
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