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Narrative Competition

Black Pearl Award – Narrative: Araf/Somewhere in Between, directed by Yeşim Ustağlu (Turkey, Germany, France)

Special Jury Award: Gebo and the Shadow, directed by Manoel de Oliveira (Portugal, France)

Best Director from the Arab World: Nouri Bouzid (Tunisia)

Best Actor – in partnership with Jaeger LeCoultre: Gael García Bernal, No (Chile, USA)

Best Actress – in partnership with Jaeger LeCoultre: Franziska Petri, Betrayal (Russia)

New Horizons / Afaq Jadida Competition

Black Pearl Award – New Horizons: A Respectable Family, directed by Massoud Bakhshi (France, Iran) 

Because of the new approach using fiction with the current reality

Special Jury Award: Beasts of the Southern Wild, directed by Benh Zeitlin (USA)

We recognise the skills on display here in all the elements of cinematic language.

Best Film from the Arab World: When I Saw You, directed by Annemarie Jacir (Jordan, Palestine, UAE)

We loved the way in which Annemarie Jacir approached the sensitive subject of that crucial period.

Best Director from the Arab World: Hala Lotfy, Coming Forth by Day (Egypt, UAE)

We recognise the unusual and stylish visuals which overcome the style of Arabian and especially Egyptian cinema.

Best Actor: Søren Malling, A Hijacking (Denmark)

We consider the entire cast as brilliant, but as we had to choose only one it is Søren Malling as the Boss.

Best Actress: Golshifteh Farahani, The Patience Stone (Afghanistan, France, Germany)

The jury chose Golshifteh Farahani because of her high performance in carrying the whole story.

Jury Special Mention: A Hijacking, directed by Tobias Lindholm (Denmark)

For the brilliant screenplay which is skillfully brought alive cinematically onscreen

Documentary Competition

Black Pearl Award – Documentary: A World Not Ours, directed by Mahdi Fleiefel (Lebanon, UK, UAE)

For constituting a document about life in the Palestinian refugee camps that rips you apart, through the use of everyday language and characters. It projects the essential aspect of the human spirit.

Special Jury Award: Stories We Tell, directed by Sarah Polley (Canada)

For its intelligent style that shows that real life can sometimes be make-believe, and that sometimes in films – as in life – lies may have the charming ability to show a higher truth.

Best New Director: bight Here (Russia)

Through its cinematographic writing, it conjugates both poetry and humanism in an atmosphere of human truth.  It equilibrates form and content in a solid narrative body.

Best Film from the Arab World: Cursed Be the Phosphate, directed by Sami Tlili (Tunisia, UAE, Lebanon, Qatar)

For successfully depicting ordinary people who rose to the occasion in response to historical circumstances as agents for change.

Best Director from the Arab World: Wael Omar and Philippe Dib, In Search of Oil and Sand (Egypt, UAE)

For successfully merging two historical timelines and creating synthesis between past, present, fact and fiction.


Audience Choice Award: Saving Face, directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and Daniel Junge (Pakistan, USA)

Collateral Awards

NETPAC Award: A World Not Ours, directed by Mahdi Fleifel (Lebanon, UK, United Arab Emirates). 

For its heartfelt, whimsical and nostalgic portrait of life in a Palestinian refugee camp

FIPRESCI Award: A World Not Ours, directed by Mahdi Fleifel (Lebanon, UK, United Arab Emirates); and Coming Forth by Day, directed by Hala Lotfy (Egypt, United Arab Emirates)

Emirates Film Competition (presented by Dolphin Energy)

Black Pearl Award Winners

Short Narrative Competition:

  • First Prize: Murk Light, directed by Yassir Al Yassri (United Arab Emirates). For possessing and executing deep visual concepts with a mature cinematic voice.
  • Second Prize: Smaller Than the Sky, directed by Abdullah Hassan Ahmed (United Arab Emirates). For its dramatic consistency in portraying time at the moment of death, and for its detailed artistic direction that enhances the story.
  • Special Jury Award: The Journey, directed by Hanna Makki (United Arab Emirates). For its delicate treatment of an expatriate’s dramatic story displayed with elegance and style.
Student Short Documentary Competition:
  • First Prize: Dreams In Their Eyes, directed by Abeer Al Marzouqi, Khawla Al Maamari and Ayesha Al Amri (United Arab Emirates). For delving into life in the Palestinian refugee camps with utter delicacy and a high humanitarian cause.
  • Second Prize: The Gamboo3a Revolution, directed by Abdulrahman Al Madani (United Arab Emirates). For critiquing a local fashion trend in a very well-made and comic style.
  • Third Prize: Easy on Love, directed by Fatima Ibrahim Musharbek (United Arab Emirates). For depicting and explaining the idea of love in traditional Emirati society in a very intimate and delicate style.

Best Emirati Film: Dreams in Their Eyes, directed by Abeer Al Marzouqi, Khawla Al Maamari and Ayesha Al Amri (United Arab Emirates)

For shining with its strong direction by three young female Emirati filmmakers

Best Cinematography: Murk Light, cinematography by Stijn Van Der Veken

For outstanding lighting and dominating camera work

Best Script: Smaller Than the Sky, screenplay by Mohammed Hassan Ahmed (United Arab Emirates)

For its neat and outstanding dramatic plot

Special Mention:

  • Samaka, directed by Michael Naguib (United Arab Emirates)
  • Ostora, directed by Hani Kichi (United Arab Emirates)

New York Film Academy Aspiring Filmmaker Award Winners

  • Cats, directed by Marwan Al Hammadi (United Arab Emirates)
  • Enough Is Enough, directed by Aisha Al Hammadi (United Arab Emirates)

Short Film Competition

Black Pearl Award Winners

Best Narrative: 9 Vaccines, directed by Iair Said (Argentina)

Best Documentary: The Hidden Smile, directed by Ventura Durall (Spain)

Best Animation: Camels, directed by Park Jee-youn (South Korea)

Best Animation: Linear, directed by Amir Admoni (Brazil)

Best Film from the Arab World: The Island - Al Djazira, directed by Amin Sidi-Boumédiene (Algeria)

Best Producer: Till Nowak, The Centrifuge Brain Project (Germany)

Best Producer from the Arab World: Yacine Bouaziz and Fayçal Hammoum, The Island - Al Djazira (Algeria)

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