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DDocumentary Competition

Approved for Adoption

Approved for Adoption

Original Title: Couleur de peau: Miel
Director: Jung HeninLaurent Boileau
Belgium, France | French
2012 | 75min. | Colour
Subtitles: Arabic and English
Format: DCP
The animated documentary is a genre that has increased in popularity in recent years. It offers innovative tools to reconstruct our imagination while allowing us to absorb pain and sorrow in a more profound way – as in the hugely successful Waltz with Bashir, which was nominated for an Oscar in 2009.

Approved for Adoption is a personal account of the life of Jung Henin, based on his own graphic novel. Henin was adopted as an orphan by a Belgian family in 1971, part of a wave of some 200,000 Korean children who were adopted globally since the end of the Korean War. When he returns to Seoul four decades later, he revisits his childhood memories, trying to reconcile the intense feelings of insecurity and dual identity from which he has suffered. Using a combination of different visual media, including film, home video and sketch animation, Jung brings his past to light through a candid and vivid depiction of his family life.

Avoiding victimisation and stereotyping, he truthfully portrays his loving parents and siblings, who fully embrace him despite the trouble he caused as a problem child. Yet, for Jung, an adopted child from a different civilisation, discovering his identity remains a lifelong journey. Poignant and inspired, Approved for Adoption is not only a stimulating piece about the complex issue of adoption but also a tour de force of animated nonfiction.

– Özge Calafato

Director,  Jung Henin, 

Director,  Jung Henin

Jung Henin was born in Seoul, South Korea, and was adopted by a Belgian family in 1971. He published his first graphic novel in 1991. Approved for Adoption is his directorial debut, based on his autobiographical work Skin Colour: Honey.

Laurent Boileau

Laurent Boileau

Laurent Boileau was born in France. He worked as a camera operator and editor before debuting as a director in 1999. He has made several documentaries about graphic arts. Approved for Adoption is his first feature.

Cast and Crew

Jung Henin, Laurent Boileau
Production Company
Mosaïque Films, Artémis Productions
Siegfried Canto, Little Comet
Ewin Ryckaert
Remon Fromont
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