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Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain

Original Title: Singin' in the Rain
Director: Gene KellyStanley Donen
USA | English
1952 | 103min. | Colour
Subtitles: No
Format: DCP
All Ages
One of the most beloved American entertainers of all time, Gene Kelly truly embodies the word ‘performer’, and in his turns as an actor, director, dancer, choreographer, he revolutionised both dance and the movies. Singin’ in the Rain, presented on the occasion of Kelly’s centenary, showcases his many talents. Who can forget the sight of him joyfully swinging from a lamppost under the pouring rain, dancing with his umbrella, and stomping through puddles of water? An exhilarating and visceral depiction of being head over heels in love, it is one of the most universally appealing moments in film history.

Directed by Kelly himself along with Stanley Donen, the film’s self-reflexive lampooning of Hollywood history is one of its hallmarks. It is set in the late 1920s: movies have just started to talk, but the transition from silents to synchronized sound is not easy. Cameras are secured in soundproof booths, microphones are hidden almost in plain sight, and preview audiences laugh off famous stars when they hear their actual voices. This will surely be the case for shrill-toned Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen), silent-film partner of debonair Don Lockwood (Kelly). As a diversion, the studio hilariously manufactures a romance between their stars, much to Don’s displeasure. He has his eye on Kathy (Debbie Reynolds), the pretty aspiring actress with a great voice. When it looks like the latest Lockwood-Lamont picture is headed for disaster, Don, Kathy and the wisecracking on-set piano player, Cosmo (Donald O’Connor), set out to save the day with a few Arthur Freed songs, some irresistible hoofing and a whole lot of fun.

On the 60th anniversary of its release, Singin’ in the Rain has been gloriously restored by Warner Bros. in a 4K scan of its master elements, revealing a richness of color, energy and sound that is stunningly bold and playful. This work is indubitably one of the great joys of the cinema, the most uplifting of films, the best movie musical of all time.

– Mohammad Khawaja

Director,  Gene Kelly, 

Director,  Gene Kelly

Gene Kelly was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As an actor, dancer, singer, choreographer, director and producer he is of the most beloved American entertainers of all time. His innovative dancing and visual styles came to symbolize the Hollywood musical in iconic classics such as Brigadoon (1954), An American in Paris (1951) and, Les Girls (1957). With Stanley Donen he co-directed the seminal musicals On the Town (1949) and Singin’ in the Rain (1952). His solo work as a director includes Invitation to the Dance (1956) and Hello Dolly! (1967). He died in Beverly Hills in 1996.

Stanley Donen

Stanley Donen

Stanley Donen was born in Columbia, South Carolina. He began his career as a chorus dancer on Broadway, where he met Gene Kelly (born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). The two collaborated frequently, first choreographing for the stage then co-directing the seminal musicals On the Town (1949), Singin’ in the Rain and It's Always Fair Weather. Donen's solo efforts include Funny Face (1957), Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954), Charade (1963) and Two for the Road (1967), while Kelly helmed Invitation to the Dance (1956) and Hello Dolly! (1967), among others.

Cast and Crew

Gene Kelly, Stanley Donen
Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, Debbie Reynolds, Jean Hagen, Millard Mitchell, Cyd Charisse, Douglas Fowley, Rita Moreno
Production Company
Metro Goldwyn Mayer Corpporation
Lennie Hayton, Johnny Green
Arthur Freed
Adolph Green, Betty Comden
Adrienne Fazan
Harold Rosson
Douglas Shearer, Norwood Fenton
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