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Ismael El Maoula El Iraki

Zanka Contact

Zanka Contact

France, Morocco

Producers: David Fenkel, Jerome Dauberfer, Sebastien Haguenaueur

Production Company: Shadows Productions, Balthazar Productions

Project Logline:

Irish ex-rock star Oisin lost his voice and sobriety to cancer. When he meets a golden-voiced streetwalker in Casablanca, everything becomes possible again: music, even love... unless her pimp says otherwise. Then again, they say music soothes even the savage beast, don’t they?

Director's Quote:

Zanka Contact mixes western and romance, violence and laughter, rock ‘n’ roll and traditional desert music. It is directly inspired by the crazy mix of western and eastern influences that is Casablanca. I hope it will do it justice.