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Faouzi Bensaidi

Death for Sale

Death for Sale

United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Belgium, France

Producers: Souad Lamriki, Sebastien Delloye

Production Company: Agora film, Entre Chien ET Loup

Project Logline:

Malik, Allal and Soufiane, three friends, make their living as pickpockets in Tetouan. One day, they decide to change their destiny and they rob the town’s largest jewellery store. But each of them has a different reason to join the heist and they are soon pitted against one another ...

Director's Quote:

After www.what a wonderful world, a playful genre film, Death for Sale will continue to explore the same genre, moving towards the linearity of pure storytelling. But will the genre and its codes remain impervious to profound reality, to a changing world?