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Tamer El Said

In The Last Days of The City

In the last days of the city

United Arab Emirates, Egypt, United Kingdom

Producers: Khalid Abdalla, Cat Villiers

Production Company: Zero Production Autonomous Limited

Project Logline:

In the fading grandeur of downtown Cairo, Khalid struggles to make a film about the city  in which he is losing everything he loves: he is about to be kicked out of his  apartment; the woman he loves is emigrating; and the death of his father has reawakened memories of his childhood, when Cairo and his country seemed a brighter world.

Director's Quote:

I am making this film out of love for my city and because I want to show its contradictions – its rising violence and invisible magic, and the story of our silence as we watch our cities being conquered by oppression, ignorance and extremism. In Cairo, like in every other city in the Middle East, there is the feeling that we can’t keep going like this – the end is near, and it might be violent.