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Guy Brooks, John Hollingsworth

Guy Brooks, John Hollingsworth

No Direction Home

United Arab Emirates, Palestine, Jordan

Producers: Rashid Al Marri

Production Company: Handheld Stories

Project Logline:

When the world changed on 9/11, Lafi’s career dissipated, his marriage dissolved and his adopted America left him feeling estranged. Now, Lafi – who spent the first 13 years of his life growing up as a refugee with his cousins in Jerusalem – is the leader of an educational initiative for Palestinian children. A successful photographer and aspiring filmmaker, he imparts a lifetime of experience to his new students while he is forced to confront the reasons he never returned to visit his homeland.

Rashid Al Marri (producer) worked for many years for Dubai Media Incorporated as a promotions producer for some of the leading TV channels in the Middle East. He has produced and directed a number of short films, including his latest documentary Letters to Palestine, which premiered at the Dubai International Film Festival in 2010. His other films include Reduced (2010), The Mandoobs (2008) and Then & Now (2007).