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Rosa Rogers, Merieme Addou

Rosa Rogers, Merieme Addou

Pirates of Salé

Morocco, United Kingdom

Producers: Hilary Durman, Merieme Addou

Production Company: Redbird Productions

Project Logline:

Cirque Shms sits on the edge of one of Morocco’s poorest slums on the old pirate coast. Hundreds of children and teenagers come to try out each year, desperately hoping to find a new future in the circus. Only a handful succeed, and their schedule is punishing as they embark on professional training that could transform their lives. But in a country without an established circus tradition, can they turn these dreams into a reality? 

Rosa Rogers was born in London and has directed documentaries for leading UK broadcasters that have been shown around the world. Her award-winning films include The Greatest Show on Earth, Back to Bombay and Dragon People. 

Merieme Addou has produced and directed a number of programs for Moroccan national television and worked with Rosa Rogers on Casablanca Calling, her first creative feature documentary.