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Jocelyne Saab

Jocelyne Saab

Woman in Mediterranean Sea

Lebanon, France

Producers: Jocelyne Saab

Production Company: Collection d’Artistes Liban

Project Logline:

In several cities in the Mediterranean region, male “oriental dancers” have stolen the spotlight from the women, the former queens of this style of dance. Now, women are asking themselves how to take back their bodies. This documentary starts from the men’s point of view on dance, examining the political, social, ethical, aesthetic and linguistic body to pinpoint where it exists between the sacred and the profane.

Jocelyne Saab was born in Lebanon in 1948. The civil war there threw her onto the front line as a war reporter. In 1982, her coverage of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon won her many prizes for Beirut My City. In 1985, Suspended Life, her first feature film, shot in Beirut during the civil war, was selected by Cannes, and her feature film Dunia – Kiss Me Not on the Eyes (2004) was selected for competition at Sundance.