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Maysoon Pachachi

Maysoon Pachachi

Nothing Doing in Baghdad

Iraq, United Kingdom

Producers: Maysoon Pachachi

Production Company: Oxymoron Films

Project Logline:

It is the autumn of 2006, a time of extreme and unpredictable sectarian violence in lraq. Every mortar-filled night, there is a curfew; every dawn it is lifted. In the morning no one knows what to expect. Within this rhythm people live their everyday lives. Over a period of two days, from dawn to dawn to dawn, the individual stories of a group of Iraqis unfold, sometimes in parallel and sometimes intersecting. Together, they describe a collective drama.

Maysoon Pachachi is a London-based filmmaker of Iraqi origin. She worked as a drama and documentary film editor for many years before turning to directing and producing for her own production company, Oxymoron Films. Most of her documentaries have been about the Middle East, with several focusing on the lives of women there. In 2004, with her colleague Kasim Abid, she co-founded Independent Film & Television College, a free film training center in Baghdad.