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Yousry Nasrallah

Yousry Nasrallah

After the Battle

Egypt, France, United Arab Emirates

Producers: Walid El-Kordy, Georges Marc Benhamou

Production Company: Siecle Productions, New Century

Project Logline:

Mahmoud was one of the horsemen coerced by lowly henchmen for Mubarak’s regime into carrying out attacks on protesters in Tahrir Square on February 2, 2011. He has since lost his job. Humiliated and ostracized, he lives near the Pyramids with his wife and sons. His family is on the brink of despair when he meets Reem, a secular Egyptian woman who works in advertising. She is a fervent revolutionary who lives in a wealthy Cairo neighborhood. Theirs is the encounter of two people but also of two different worlds.

Yousry Nasrallah was born in Cairo and received a degree in economics and political science from Cairo University. He worked as a film critic and was the assistant to Volker Schlöndorff on the making of Circle of Deceit (1981). He later worked for legendary director Youssef Chahine. His films include Summer Thefts (1988), Mercedes (1993). The Gate of Sun (2004) and Scheherazade, Tell Me a Story.