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Nouri Bouzid

Nouri Bouzid

Hidden Beauties

Tunisia, France, United Arab Emirates

Producers: Abdelaziz BenMlouka, Georges Marc Benhamou

Production Company: CTV Services

Project Logline:

Two young women pass through. Very involved in the events that shook Tunisia in January 2011, two girls will face the burdens of their families. Solidarity and accomplices, including in the bakery where they work, they will have to assert their desire for emancipation and impose their own requirements for their families and their fiancés. The experience of Zeineb and Aïcha resonates as a metaphor for all the uncertainties about the country’s political future.

Nouri Bouzid was born in Sfax, Tunisia. He studied film in Brussels, graduating with the short film Duel (1972). Returning to Tunisia, he worked in television for two years but was then jailed for his political views. He worked on several foreign films, including Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), before directing his first feature, Man of Ashes (1986), which won the Un Certain Regard top prize at the Cannes Film Festival. Other titles include Bezness (1992),Clay Dolls (2002) and Making Of (2006).