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Rami Yasin


A Dog's Tail

Ossama Bawardi
Production Company: Philistine Films

Project Logline:

Samer is a performer at heart who likes to play vampire and dance, but he’s under pressure to play soccer and behave like other boys his age. When he meets Mode and convinces Najat to invite him to her fancy dress party, the Trio discover a shared passion and decide to audition for a dance show. But Samer fails to get permission from his father so concocts a plan to use soccer practice as a front for the rehearsals. As the Trio embark on their quest and choreograph a dance with the help of Mode’s French mother Beatrice, a series of incidents gradually complicate things for Samer who resorts to more lies and deceits to keep up the charade. On the day of the audition and after securing a place in the show, things take a sharp turn, compromising Samer and his plan. As the tension mounts, he struggles to navigate through his web of lies and when Najat and Mode abandon him, he withdraws back into himself. Finally one night after sneaking out of home at midnight he discovers a secret about his father that rocks his world. Cornered and alone, Samer realizes that the only way out of the mess he created is to confront the real source of his fear. 

A Dog’s Tail is a colorful and entertaining family drama and coming of age about a boy who risks everything to find freedom and in the process helps others find theirs too.

Rami Yasin has been involved with 8 years of directing and producing TV campaigns as well as working on various regional and international feature productions. Rami developed and produced his first feature project Sea Shadow, which premiered at ADFF 2011 and has been selected in over 20 regional and international festivals to date. He followed by co-producing Annemarie Jacir’s When I Saw You, which had its world premier at TIFF 2012 and went on to win best Arab film at ADFF 2012 and Best Asian film at Berlinale 2013. A Jordanian/Canadian citizen from Palestinian descent, he holds a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Richmond University in London and a diploma in writing from Vancouver Film School. He has written, directed and produced 4 shorts including Suite 315 and She Said It and is a seasoned actor.