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Kamal Al Jafari


The Passerby

Kamal Al Jafari

Project Logline:

On a nightly walk two friends are approached by a strange woman, asking for the way to Tel Aviv. The encounter prompts a rupture in their world. The film explores the waking-nightmare of a Palestinian living as an unwanted, perpetually suspect individual in lsrael, 65 years after its creation.

Kamal Al Jafari is a graduate of the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, where he received the visual arts award of the city of Cologne in 2004. His films include The Roof (2006), which won the Best International Award at the Images Festival in Toronto, and Port of Memory (2009), which received the Prix Louis Marcorelles. He was a featured artist at the 2009 Robert Flaherty Film Seminar, and in 2009- 2010 was the Benjamin White Whitney fellow at Harvard University. He is currently a senior lecturer and head of the directing program at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin.