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Nagham Osman



Nagham Osman
Production Company: Qudrat Pictures

Project Logline:

A mother and daughter come together through love and not by their blood ties. What more do we leave behind besides our memories and our impermanent bodies? I always thought I was the result of a great love story that took place many years ago between my mum and dad. But after 30 years, I realized I was only part of it. A story that reads into the mother-daughter relationship on a day-to-day basis in an Egyptian home. What happens when the mother forgets that she ever had a daughter? What happens when the daughter realizes that this woman isn't her mother? This is the film Little.

Nagham Osman studied Theatre and Mass communication & journalism at the American University in Cairo. Her love for the image started by capturing photos of students striking on campus from 2000-2003. She worked on documentaries and features such as Veiled Voice (2008), Cairo Time (2009), and other US productions such as (Fair Game). As well as participating in several training programs and photography courses. Her short films have been screened at the cultural centers in Egypt. She is pursuing a degree in cinematography. This is her first feature.