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Hamza Ouni


El Gort

Tunisia, United Arab Emirates
Producer: Karim Rmadi
Production Company: Link Production

Project Logline:

The documentary "El Gort" plunges us into the world of the "Garrata", the conveyors of the hay trucks crisscrossing Tunisia, leaving from Mhammedia ... the "Garrata!" Between daily life in the heart of Mhammedia and exile beyond... The tale of tough- skinned tormented souls, castrated beasts ... with a fragility that the daily struggle turns into bitterness and roughness. A struggle both internal and external, between dreams and reality... the arguments are plural and eclectic, sometimes simple or mundane, sometimes dramatic or even crucial ... between propaganda and speculation, protagonists in search of a livelihood, ready to do anything to earn it. A chronicle of five years which spreads the depths of sectarian battles... A memory scanned uncompromisingly but in all modesty.

Hamza Ouni
, a Tunisian director, was born in 1975 in El Mhammedia, where he still lives today. He began undergraduate film studies at the Institut Maghrébin du Cinéma, then continued his training at the School of Arts and Cinema in Tunis, where he specialized in writing and filmmaking.