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Ayten Amin


Villa 69

Egypt, United Arab Emirates
Wael Omar, Mohamed Hefzy
Production Company:
Middle West Films, Film Clinic

Project Logline:

Hussein, is a 62-year old snobbish, yet a charming, ladies man whose terminal illness binds him to his home. Set in his own ways, he spends his days receiving female visitors and nagging his loyal servant Abdul Hamid. At least, until Abdul Hamid goes on a 3-week leave, leaving Hussein in the care of his older sister Nadra, who moves in with her grandson, Seif. Unhappy with the new house arrangement and the constant interference with his lifestyle, Hussein comes head-to-head with his guests until that very friction allows him to see and value them for exactly who they are.

Ayten Amin
 is a native Alexandrian who graduated from the Faculty of Commerce in 1999. She studied film at American University, Cairo and the Cinema Writers and Critics Association. Since then she has made a number of short films including Spring 89, while continuing to work as a writer, assistant director and director of commercials and promotional films. She was a codirector of the SANAD-supported feature documentary Tahrir 2011: The Good, the Bad and the Politician in 2011. Villa 69 is Ayten’s debut feature.