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Firas Khoury


The Flag

Producer: Marie-Pierre Macia
Executive Producer: Hany Abu-Assad
Production Company: MPM Film

Project Logline:

After knowing that Maysa, the girl he likes, has agreed to join the “Flag Operation”, 17 years old Tamer agrees to join as well. The director of the plan is Tamers’s class mate Safwat, he suggested that they should secretly replace the Israeli flag decorating their high school's rooftop with a Palestinian one. This very dangerous operation is to be carried out a night before the visit of an important Israeli government official to school at the Nakba day National Palestinian catastrophe/ Israeli Independence. Tamer begins living a daily dilemma, struggling between coming out of his shell of fear and rebel like Safwat and Maisaa’, or pull back into the “safety zone" like his father wishes him to. The road to the flag appears riskier than they expected, and its results could be extremely painful.

Firas Khoury is a Palestinian director and screenwriter, From Haifa. Firas wrote and directed several short films (less than 10 mins), among them are “Islamic” (2005) “Asi & Gil” (2006), and “Hit Man” (2006),). "Seven Days in Deir Bulus" (42 mins, 2007) is Firas Khoury's directorial debut. “Suffir/yellow mums” (32 mins, 2010) is his 2nd short film. Both films won international awards and were screened in TV channels around the world. Firas recently finished writing a script for a feature film he is willing to direct which goes by the name “THE FLAG”. The project won many development prizes around the world. The latest one was during The Dubai International Film Festival 2013.