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Ibrahim El-Batout


El Ott

Egypt, United Arab Emirates
Producer: Amr Waked
Production Company: Zad Communication & Production LLC

Project Logline:

El Ott is an action thriller movie where organ trafficking in Egypt is part of the story. It tells the fate of a man, El Ott (The Cat), who decides to confront the boss of a child trafficking gang, Fathi, and put an end to his butchery business. El Ott is not alone. His brother El Ghagary (The Gypsy) covers his back and a mysterious man who also wants Fathi down offers his help. In this journey, El Ott confronts his demons, El Ghagary unleashes them and Fathi faces the justice of the mysterious man. The events in the film are mainly influenced by three essentials: the sanctity of the body, the purity of the soul, and the peculiar glory of blood.

Ibrahim El-Batout was born on the 20th of September, 1963 in Port-Said, and is a graduate of the American University in Cairo in 1985, majoring in Physics. El Batout's infatuation with the camera started in the Video Cairo Production House, an agency providing facilities for foreign TV-stations where he worked as a sound engineer.
He began to experiment with filmmaking and directing. Then he worked for a year at a British television station called TV-Am, located in Cyprus. Since then, he has worked as a director, producer and cameraman on documentaries (29 in total) and directed his first feature in 2005.