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Abdullah Hasan Ahmed


First Light Sun

United Arab Emirates 
Producer: Abdullah Hasan Ahmed
Screenwriter: Yusuf Ibrahim, Mohamed Hasan Mohamed
Production Company: Faradees Artistic Production
Language: Arabic
Total Budget: 500,000 USD

Project Synopsis:

With the breaking light of dawn, a new day begins for a small Arab family of three who live with their pet ostrich. Having recently lost an egg, the ostrich is in a state of grief, which greatly worries the mother who is in the last month of her pregnancy. Their day goes on as usual until catastrophe strikes when the ostrich escapes the barn as the father and son return home in the evening.

Abdullah Hasan Ahmed is director and producer who has been working in the film industry in the UAE for more than 12 years. He is also the co-founder and director of Faradees Group, which has produced over 35 shorts, including “Smaller Than The Sky”, “Tenbak” and “Small Sky”, which have won awards at local and regional film festivals. Abdullah was also named “Best Young Film Director” by Digital Studio magazine in 2006.