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Annemarie Jacir



Producer: Ossama Bawardi
Screenwriter: Annemarie Jacir
Production Company: Philistine Films
Language: Arabic
Total Budget: 731,000 USD

Project Synopsis:

Unfolding over the course of a day in Nazareth, the story follows Shadi who has returned to his hometown after several years abroad to help his father with his sister’s wedding preparations. As the two of them spend the day together, their fragile and tense relationship comes to a head, challenging each of them in its own away.

Annemarie teaches screenwriting and works as a freelance editor and screenwriter. As the founder of Philistine Films, she has made more than 16 films and regularly collaborates with fellow directors and producers. Two of her films have premiered as official selections at the Cannes Film Festival, with “When I Saw You” winning the award for Best Asian Film at the Berlinale Film Festival.