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Karim Aïnouz


Algerian by Accident

Algeria, France, Brazil  
Producer: Marie-Pierre Macia
Screenwriter: Karim Aïnouz
Production Company: MPM Film
Language: Arabic, French
Total Budget: 350,000 USD

Project Synopsis:

The journey of a man who travels to a home country he’s never visited before. His return marks a rediscovery of his origins, his character, and his imagination – everything that has shaped him since he was a boy. Through chance encounters and moments of understanding, he explores the twin stories of how his beloved Algeria and his own personality have evolved over the years.

Karim Aïnouz
is a film director and visual artist whose films have been screened at prestigious film festivals around the world, including Cannes, Venice and Rio de Janeiro. His work has won several awards for storytelling and directing, and his latest feature, “Praia do Futuro”, was premiered at the 64th Berlinale Competition in 2014.