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Tahani Rached


Mawal Ramsis

Egypt, France   
Producer: Nathalie Combe
Screenwriter: Tahani Rached
Production Company: Cosmographe
Language: Arabic, French
Total Budget: 316,723 USD

Project Synopsis:

The infamous Midan Ramses square of Cairo, a tough neighbourhood near the railway station, where the lives of five individuals transform over the course of half a century. Felfel, a shoeshine boy; Rabha, a tea peddler; Awatef, a jack of all trades; Mouallem Fayek, a café owner, and Hussein Sharara, a taxi driver, all share fond and fearful memories of the square, which has evolved with the changing times and the state of the country.

Originally from Cairo, Tahani Rached has been living in Canada since 1966. After studying at the École des Beaux-Arts, she directed her first film “Pour Faire Changement” in 1973. She directed several documentaries between 1981 and 2004, and since her return to Egypt in 2005 she has made “Neighbours”, “A Deep Long Breath”, and “These Girls”, which was officially selected in the Out of Competition section at Cannes in 2006.