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Ghada Terawi


The Forgotten

Producer: May Odeh
Screenwriter: Ghada Terawi
Production Company: Odeh Films
Language: Japanese, Arabic, English
Total Budget: 288,500 USD

Project Synopsis:

A look into the enigmatic life of Kozo Okamoto, a Japanese freedom fighter and member of the Japanese Red Army, who gave up everything to join the Palestinian Liberation Movement. His visit through Lebanon, his capture by Israeli troops and his 13 years in prison shaped him into the person he is today, and this is the story of his journey, his loss, his pain and his hope.

Ghada Terawi
was born in Beirut, and grew up between Beirut, Tunis and Cairo. After graduating from the American University in Cairo in 1995 with a BA in International Relations, she started making documentaries in 1998 and directed her first film “Staying Alive” in 2001. Her other films include “Matha Ba’d”, “The Way Back Home”, “The Last Station” and “On Air”.