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Kasim Abid


The Mirrors of Diaspora

Iraq, United Kingdom
Producer: Maysoon Pachachi
Screenwriter: Kasim Abid
Production Company: Oxymoron Films Limited
Language: Arabic
Total Budget: 159,958 USD

Project Synopsis:

‘The Mirrors of Diaspora’ explores the lives and journeys of seven Iraqi painters and sculptors who left in the 70’s to follow their passion in Rome and Florence, and became established artists over the years. These individuals make up the ‘Iraqi Artists in Exile’, a movement that represents modern Iraqi art and culture, whose work has graced public spaces in Europe and been exhibited worldwide.

Kasim Abid has been living in London since 1982, and has worked in filmmaking and TV production for more than 20 years. He has directed and produced award-winning documentary films such as “Naji Al Ali: An Artist With Vision”, “Surda Checkpoint” and “Life After The Fall”. In 2004, he founded the Independent Film and TV College in Baghdad, and has recently directed two major film festivals in Iraq. His previous documentary, “Whispers of the Cities”, was screened at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival in 2013.