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5 Seasons of Revolution

Syria, Germany, United Arab Emirates   
Producer: Diana El Jeiroudi and Orwa Nyrabia
Production Company: Proaction Film
Language: Arabic | English Subtitles
Total Budget: 234,457 USD
Duration: 85 minutes
Screenwriter: Maya
Editor: Barbara Toennieshen and Andreas Preisner 

Project Synopsis:

Freedom, dictatorship, religion, and gender equality are all questioned and compromised as the lives of Dalia, Suso, Ruby, and Lynne are caught up in the uprising of Damascus in 2011. The young women see their lives transform in front of them as the revolution gains momentum, and slowly discover who they truly are through their difficulties, differences, and political ambitions.

Maya studied Journalism, Media and Mass Communication from the University of Damascus, and holds a Masters in Documentary Filmmaking from Goldsmith University in the UK. As an independent filmmaker and activist, Maya has directed three documentaries, and has been actively following the events taking place in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. “5 Seasons of Revolution” is her first feature length documentary.