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Khaled Abdulwahed



Syria, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Germany   
Producer: Sandra K. and Merle Kröger
Production Company: Independent Productions and Pong Film GmBH
Language: Arabic | English Subtitles
Total Budget: 122,640 USD
Duration: 80 minutes
Cinematographer: Amr Kheto, Obaida Zaitoon, Rudi Ausman, Mouhanad Rejuleh and Khaled Abdulwahed
Screenwriter: Khaled Abdulwahed
Editor: Khaled Abdulwahed
Sound Design: Volker Zeigermann

Project Synopsis:

Amidst the chaos of arms, ammunition and unrest, four Syrian activists pick up a camera for the first time to show the world their perspective of the Syrian revolution from the mountain city of Zabadani. The harsh reality of their situation is in contrast to their hometown, which once used to be a popular summer destination for tourists from around the country.

Khaled Abdulwahed is a creative artist from Homs, Syria, who started his career with mainstream media and visual communication arts. In 2011, he started experimenting with documentary filmmaking and directed three short films, which have been screened internationally and received worldwide recognition. Currently, he is working on the post-production of “Jellyfish”, his first feature length documentary.