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Mohamed Ben Attia


Inhebek Hedi

Tunisia, Belgium, United Arab Emirates   
Producer: Dora Bouchoucha, Jean Pierre and Luc Dardenne
Production Company: Nomadis Images and Les films du fleuve
Language: Arabic l English & French Subtitles
Total Budget: 670,000 EUR
Duration: 90 minutes
Cinematographer: Frederic Noirhomme
Screenwriter: Mohamed Ben Attia
Editor: Azza Chaabouni
Sound Design: Faouzi Thabet
Cast: Majd Mastoura (Hedi), Rim Ben Messaoud (Rim), Sabah Bouzouita (Baya), Hakim Boumessaoudi (Ahmed), Omnia Ben Ghali (Khedjia) and Sonia Ben Jemaa (Zeineb)

Project Synopsis:

Hedi has never expected much from life. Indifferent to everything around him, he lets his mother arrange his marriage, and says nothing when he is sent on a business trip to Mahdia during the week of his wedding. In Mahdia, he meets Rim, an employee at a hotel that is losing business. Intrigued by her carefree attitude, Hedi gets romantically involved, and faces a tough choice as the wedding date gets closer.

Mohamed Ben Attia graduated from the Institut de Hautes Etudes Commerciales in Tunis in 1998, and went on to study audiovisual communication at the University of Valenciennes in France. During his filmmaking career, he has directed five award winning short films, including “Romantisme”, “Kif Lokhrin”, “Mouja”, “Loi” and “Selma”, which have been screened at various European film festivals.