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Merzak Allouache


Madame Courage

Algeria, France, Qatar, United Arab Emirates   
Producer: Merzak Allouache and Antonin Dedet
Production Company: Bahia Films and Neon Productions
Language: Arabic l English & French Subtitles
Total Budget: 531,589 USD
Duration: 90 minutes
Cinematographer: Olivier Guerbois
Screenwriter: Merzak Allouache
Editor: Tuong Vi Nguyen and Long Yann Dedet
Sound Design: Amine Teggar, Alexis Durrand and Julien Perez
Cast: Adlane Djemil (Omar), Lamia Bezoiui (Selma), Leila Tilmatine (Sabrina), Zohra Faidhi (Zoubida), Abdellatif Benhamed and Mohamed Takerret

Project Synopsis:

Ali loses his girlfriend and refuses to accept her death, believing that her soul has been reincarnated into a goat. To help him overcome his situation, he visits a spiritual healer where he meets Ibrahim, a depressed sound engineer who hears voices he cannot decipher. Ali, his goat and Ibrahim embark on a journey across Egypt, helping each other come to terms with their ordeals and find hope in life once again.

Born in 1978, Egyptian filmmaker Sherif Elbendary is a graduate of the Faculty of Applied Arts and the High Institute of Cinema in Cairo, where he has taught film direction since 2008. His short films “Rise & Shine” and “At Day’s End” have been selected and won awards at several international film festivals. He started directing his first feature length film “Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim” in 2015.